Conference Program (English)

The 64th Annual Conference of the Japan Society of Political Economy
Marx in the 21st Century: 150 Years After Capital
October 15 (Saturday) and 16 (Sunday), 2016
Fukushima University, Fukushima, Japan


October 15 (Saturday) from 9:30 to 12:10

Session 1: Special Session on
Understanding Capitalism

Room M21
Moderator: Tadasu MATSUO [Ritsumeikan Univ.]
Shigeru NITTA [Senshu Univ.]
“Principles of Uno School and Marginal Economics”
Commentator: Hiroshi ONISHI [Keio Univ.], Tadasu Matsuo [Ritsumeikan Univ.]
Tadasu MATSUO [Ritsumeikan University]
“Significance of the Bestowed Labor Value Analysis”
Commentator: Hiroshi ONISHI [Keio Univ.], Shigeru NITTA [Senshu Univ.]
Hiroshi Onishi [Keio Univ.]
“Value and Price”
Commentator: Tadasu MATSUO [Ritsumeikan Univ.], Shigeru NITTA [Senshu Univ.]

Session 2:
Frontier of Analytical Political Economy

Room M22
Moderator: Kazuhiro KUROSE [Tohoku Univ.]
Takashi OHNO [Doshisha Univ.]
“The Effect of Worker Heterogeneity on Inequality of Wealth and Salary”
Commentator: Kazuhiro KUROSE [Tohoku Univ.]
Ryunosuke SONODA [Saga Univ.]
“A Two-Sector Kaleckian Model with Transactions Between Firms in an Open Economy”
Commentator: Tsukuru KANEKO [Keio Univ.]
Hiroki MURAKAMI [Japan Society for the Promotion of Science]
“Inflation-Deflation Expectations and Economic Stability in the Kaleckian System”
Commentator: Hiroyuki YOSHIDA [Nihon Univ.]

Session 3:
Theory of Labor in the Current Time

Room M23
Moderator: Kazuo SUZUKI [Hirosaki Univ.]
Hitoshi YASUDA [Yamagata Univ.]
“Use of the Productive Labour”
Commentator: Kazuo Suzuki [Hirosaki Univ.]
Takao TAKEUCHI [A Member]
“Implications for Finance Theory as Similarity and Difference Between Labor Note and Money”
Commentator: Takeshi YUKI [Saitama Univ.]
Hiroyuki ABE [Saitama Univ., Part Time Lecturer]
“How to Consider Medical Work ― Focusing on Emotional Labor”
Commentator: Takeshi YUKI [Saitama Univ.]

Session 4:
Capital and MEGA

Room M24
Moderator: Kazutoshi MIYAZAWA [Hiroshima Univ.]
Hideto AKASHI [Komazawa Univ.]
“The Manuscript of “Capital” Vol. 3, Part 1”
Commentator: Noriko MAEHATA [Rikkyo Univ., Emeritus]
Ryuji SASAKI [Rikkyo Univ.]
“Rethinking Marx’s Theory of Price of Production”
Commentator: Korefumi MIYATA [Komazawa Univ.]
Yuki HAJIMA [Hitotsubashi Univ. Graduate School Student]
“Marx’s Manuscript for the Theory of Rent and Metabolism”
Commentator: Hideto AKASHI [Komazawa Univ.]

Session 5:
The Problems with 21st Century World Capitalism After Lehman Shock

Room M1
Moderator: Yoshin SUGAWARI [Niigata Univ.]
Hisatoshi GOMI [Rissho Univ., Emeritus]
“Reorganization of China Capitalism and the World Order in the First Half of 21st Century”
Commentator: Hiroyuki TANAKA [Rissho Univ., Part Time Lecturer]
Nobuyuki YOSHIMURA [Shinshu Univ.]
“Contemporary Issues in ‘Financialization’ and Marxian Economics”
Commentator: Hiroyuki TANAKA [Rissho Univ., Part Time Lecturer]
Hiroshi Tanaka[Rissho Univ., Part Time Lecturer]
“New Information Revolution, Industry Reorganization and The first half of 21st century ― The Problem of Technological Advancement by Sensor and AI for human labor and cognition ―”
Commentator: Nobuyuki YOSHIMURA [Shinshu Univ.]

Session 6: English Session
Theories of Political Economy

Room M3
Moderator: Nobuharu YOKOKAWA [Musashi Univ.]
Watcharabon Buddharaksa [Naresuan University,Thailand]
“ State, Society, Economy: Bonefeld’s Open Marxism and the Critique of Political Economy”
Rod O’Donnell [University of Technology Sydney, Australia]
“Keynes and Marx: Towards Constructive Dialogue”
Motohiro Okada [Konan University]
“Maffeo Pantaleoni on Labor”
Soeren Schwuchow [Brandenburg University of Technology, Germany]
“Tijuana Blues: Inequality, Organized Crime, and Corruption in the Absence of Property Right”
Masashi Morioka [Ritsumeikan University]
“Unpredicted Economic Difficulties in the Historical Socialist System and their Significance for the Theory of Political Economy”

October 15 (Saturday) from 13:00 to 18:50

Plenary Session
Marx in the 21st Century: 150 Years After Capital

Room L4
Aki ANEHA [Komazawa Univ.], Michiaki OBATA [Tokyo Univ.], Tetsuji KAWAMURA [Hosei Univ.], Yasuo GOTO [Fukushima Univ.], Yukihiko Maehata [Obirin Univ., Emeritus]
Michiaki OBATA [Tokyo Univ.], Yukihiko Maehata [Obirin Univ., Emeritus]
Takahisa UEMURA [Yamaguchi Univ.]
Commentator: Toshio YAMADA [Nagoya Univ., Emeritus]
Kazuto IIDA [Meiji Univ.]
“Capital and Wage labor in Global Capitalism: Over the Capital Accumulation and the Unequal Society under the Neoliberalism”
Commentator: Mitsuhiko TSURUTA [Chuo Univ., Emeritus]
Sadaharu OOYA [Hokkaigakuen Univ.]
“Global Capitalism and the Anti-Capitalism Movement: Or, How to Translate the Marxian Logic into the Ethic of Diverse Social Movements”
Commentator: Akira MATSUI [Senshu Univ.]

General Meeting: Chair Tetsuji KAWAMURA [Hosei Univ.]

Room L4

The JSPE Prize for Younger Members

Room L4

Invited Plenary Lecture of the 2015 JSPE International Book Prize Winner.

Room L4
Chair: Tetsuji KAWAMURA [Hosei Univ.]
Makoto ITO [Tokyo Univ., Emeritus]
“The Method of Marxian Political Economy in the Contemporary World”

Transfer by JR train from Kanayagawa Station (19:18) to Fukushima Station (19:28)

Conference Dinner at Fukushima Green Palace Hotel Near by West Exit of Fukushima Station

Chair: Koji SANO [Fukushima Univ.]

October 16 (Sunday) from 9:20 to 12:00

Session 7: Special Session: Related to Earthquake Disaster
“5 Years Since the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster”

Room M21
Moderator: Shiro TANAKA [Miyagigakuin Women’s Univ.]
Masafumi YOKEMOTO [Osaka City Univ.]
“Damages from Fukushima Nuclear Disaster and the Challenges to Political Economy”
Commentator: Seiichi NAGASHIMA [Tokyo Keizai Univ., Emeritus]
Atsushi FUJIOKA [Ritsumeikan Univ.]
“Defense Cost of the Nuclear Power Plant under the Military Attack ― A Case of Decaying TEPCO’s Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant #1”
Commentator: Mitsuhiko TSURUTA [Chuo Univ., Emeritus]
Kenichi IDO [Non Member, Lawyer]
“Legal Theory to Prohibit the Re-Operation of Nuclear Power Plant and Social Necessity of Nuclear Power Plant”
Commentator: Kiichiro YAGI [Setsunan Univ.]

Session 8:
Contemporary Meanings and limitations of J. R. Commons’ Criticism on Classical Economists and Marginalists

Room M22
Moderator: Masashi MORIOKA [Ritsumeikan Univ.]
Natsuka TOKUMARU [Kyoto Univ.]
“From C. Menger to J.R. Commons: Willingness and Value Theory in Institutional Economics”
Commentator: Kiichiro YAGI [Setsunan Univ.]
Hiroyuki UNI [Kyoto Univ.]
“Contemporary Meanings and limitations of J. R. Commons’ Criticism on Classical Economics: based on Institutional Economics and Manuscripts”
Commentator: Hiroshi OSAKA [Toyama Univ.]
Hiroshi OSAKA [Toyama Univ.]
“What Is “Voluntary Will”? ― Reconsideration on Commons from the Point of View of Existentiality and Complexity”
Commentator: Hiroyuki UNI [Kyoto Univ.]

Session 9:
Mathematical Marxian Economics

Room M23
Moderator: Hiroshi ONISHI [Keio Univ.]
Atsushi TAZOE [Kyoto Univ., Part Time Lecturer]
“The Impacts of Financialization on Reproduction”
Commentator: Sousuke MORIMOTO [Momoyamagakuin Univ.]
Ayumu YAMASHITA [Dokkyo Univ.]
“On the Labor Value and Production”
Commentator: Junichi SEKINE [Kyushu Sangyo Univ.]
Ryo KANAE [Tsu City College]
“Inequality in a Marxian Optimal Growth Model”
Commentator: Ayumu YAMASHITA [Dokkyo Univ.]

Session 10:
Labor Market and Theory of Crisis

Room M24
Moderator: Haruo TAKEUCHI [Aichi Univ.]
Daisuke KUMAZAWA [Ritsumeikan Univ. Part Time Lecturer]
“Marx’s theory of economic crisis and the general glut controversy”
Commentator: Kenji MORI [Tohoku Univ.]
Kei EHARA [Tokyo Univ.]
“The Two Factors of the Phases of Business Cycle”
Commentator: Nobuyuki YOSHIMURA [Shinshu Univ.]
Takako IKEDA [Komazawa Univ. Graduate School Student]
“A study of [The Buying and Selling of The Labour-Power]”
Commentator: Unknown

Session 11:
The Structure and the Dynamic of the South Korean Capitalism.

Room M1
Moderator: Minoru FUJITA [Obirin Univ.]
Hideyuki WAKUI [Meijigakuin Univ.]
“South Korea; Flinch from Lost Decade ― Confrontation between Globalization and National Economy―”
Commentator: Kengo Uchihashi [Yokohama National Univ., Part Time Lecturer]
Kento OTSU [Rikkyo Univ., Part Time Lecturer]
“A Critical Analysis of the Korea’s Export-led Growth Model in the Context of Globalization”
Commentator: Shigeru KAKIZAKI [Meiji Univ.]
Ryo KAMIGAWARA [Nittsu Panasonic Logistics]
“The Third World in South Korea”
Commentator: Minoru FUJITA [Obirin Univ.]

Session 12: English Session
Capital Accumulation and Structural Change

Room M3
Chair: Yuji HARADA [Fukuyama City Univ.]
Kyle Alexander THOMPSON [Kyoto Univ.]
“The Science Paradigm and Anwar Shaikh’s Capitalism”
Florence GALLOIS [Univ. of Reims, France]
“Firm Strategies and the Relevance of the Distinction Between For-Profit and Non-For-Profit Organizations”
Takashi SATO [Oita University]
“On the Possibility of Existence of Wage-led Regime in a Marxian Circuit of Capital Model”
Hiroyasu UEMURA [Yokohama National Univ.] and Shinji TAHARA [Economic and Social Research Institute, Japanese Cabinet Office]
“The Transformation of Growth Regimes and De-Industrialization: A Japan-Europe Comparative Analysis”

October 16 (Sunday) from 12:50 to 13:50

Invited Plenary Lecture

Room L4
Chair: Yasuo GOTO [Fukushima Univ.]
Yauemon SATO [CEO of Aizu Electric Power Company]
“Establishing Regional Independence with Energy Revolution”

October 16 (Sunday) from 14:00 to 16:40

Session 13: Special Session: Related to Earthquake Disaster
Evacuation Program from Nuclear Disaster and the Refugee from Fukushima

Room M21
Moderator: Masaki HANDA [Tohokugakuin Univ.]
Shiro TANAKA [Miyagigakuin Women’s Univ.]
“Original Sin of Nuclear Power Plant ― immigration at the Time of the Nuclear Disaster, and, Opposite of the Defenseless to the Evacuation plan ―”
Commentator: Masaki HANDA [Tohokugakuin Univ.]
Kimitoshi SATO [National Institute of Technology, Nagaoka College]
“Selection of Agonizing or Second worst – Examination of “Evacuation Plans in Preparation for a Nuclear Disaster” of the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant, Which the Peripheral Municipalities have Announced.”
Commentator: Masaki HANDA [Tohokugakuin Univ.]
Hatsuo WATANABE [Non Member]
“Keep Saying About Fukushima ― Lessons Learned and Current Status of the Evacuation from Fukushima”
Commentator: Masaki HANDA [Tohokugakuin Univ.]

Session 14: Regulation in Regional and Welfare Policy

Room M22
Moderator: Hironori Toyama [Shizuoka Univ.]
Kiichiro YAGI [Setsunan Univ.]
“Recent Shifts in EU’s Regional Policy”
Commentator: Hiroshi TANAKA [Ritsumeikan Univ.]
Yan CHENGNAN [Niigata Univ.]
“Social welfare system in East Asian State Capitalism”
Commentator: Hironori Toyama [Shizuoka Univ.]
Hiroki Yokota [Asahikawa Univ.]
“Regional Regulation to the Human Resource Development: a case study of Asahikawa”
Commentator: Hiroharu HARADA [Fukuyama City Univ.]

Session 15: “Capital” and Contemporary World

Room M23
Moderator: Hideto AKASHI [Komazawa Univ.]
Kenichi Horiuchi [Komazawa Univ.]
“The Falling Tendency of the Profit Rate of Bank Capital in Japan”
Commentator: Kazuo KONISHI [Rikkyo Univ., Emeritus]
Soichiro SUMIDA [Hitotsubashi Univ., Graduate School Student]
““Historical Consideration” in the Manuscript Capital Volume Ⅲ: A Reexamination Based on Old and New “Transition Debate””
Commentator: Sadaharu OYA [Hokkaigakuen Univ.]
Satomi MIKAMOTO [Hitotsubashi Univ., Graduate School Student]
“The Analysis of the Labor Control of Modern Japan: Based on H. Braverman’s Labor Process Analysis”
Commentator: Hideto AKASHI [Komazawa Univ.]

Session 16: “History of Economic Thoughts”

Room M24
Moderator: Takeshi IKEDA [Rikkyo Univ.]
Shinya FUJITA [Nagoya Univ.]
“Who Should Bear the Pain of the Price Competition?”
Commentator: Ryunosuke SONODA [Saga Univ.]
Takahiko KAN [Tohoku Gakuin Univ., Graduate School Student]
“Formulation of General Rules of Morality in the Theory of Moral Sentiments: a Reinterpretation”
Commentator: Takeo NAKATANI [Kyoto Tachibana Univ., Former professor]
HiroyukiTAKEI [A Member]
““Capital” and ‘Okishio-Theorem’ - Its Identity and Difference”
Commentator: Unknown

Session 17: “Theoretical and Statistical Analysis of the World and Korean Economy.”

Room M1
Moderator: Shigeru NITTA [Senshu Univ.]
Takahiko HASHIMOTO [Ritsumeikan Univ.]
“Productivity Criterion and Cost Criterion”
Commentator: Takeshi Nakatani [Onomichi City Univ.]
Kim Joon Young [Korea Employment Information Service]
“Stuck in Educational Mismatch? Persistency of Over-Education in Korea”
Commentator: Hiroyuki UNI [Kyoto Univ.]
Kengo UCHIHASHI [Yokohama National Univ., Part Time Lecturer]
“The Comparative Institutional Analysis of Korean Economic Growth”
Commentator: Hideyuki WAKUI [Meijigakuin Univ.]

Session 18: English Session
The World Economy and Developing Economies

Room M3
Moderator: Hiroyasu UEMURA [Yokohama National Univ.]
V. K. RAMACHANDRAN [Indian Statistical Institute Bangalore, India]
“Aspect of the Proletarianisation of the Peasantry in India”
Gabriel Mendoza-PICHARDO [Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México]
“Technical Change in Mexico and Brazil in the Neoliberal Years: 1980-2014”
Nobuharu YOKOKAWA [Musashi Univ.]
“The rise and fall of Japanese economy in super long waves of capitalist world system”